English-Russian Russian-English Visual Mini Visual Dictionary


Publisher: Eksmo 2014.

ISBN: 978-5-699-71460-5

Pages: 624

SKU: 4


This mini visual dictionary is an abridged version of the full visual dictionary. The English vocabulary is represented in detailed and realistic illustrations, so the words are not only easy to understand, but also easy for learners of Russian to remember. The mini visual dictionary is divided into 18 sections divided by categories, which the user search for words very easily.

The dictionary will become an indispensable reference tool for students, linguists and translators and even editors alike! The mini visual dictionary helps the user most of all by helping expand their vocabulary range simply by the level of detail of each of the illustrations and the categories it comes ranging from people and animals, to types and parts of machinery, instruments, car parts, medical equipment, types of knives, plants, vehicles and layouts of airports, supermarkets and sports stadiums!

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